LazrArt is a family run laser engraving business that started in 2006 with a focus towards combining photographs, graphics and text into unique, often one-of-a-kind products.

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In the course of creating one-of-a-kind products, we frequently experimented to solve our own problems at home.  One such problem was the cost and hassle of emptying the waste from our LitterMaid automatic litter boxes.  We came up with a design to solve the problem and used the laser to create it in November 2007 - we called it the BAG-it.  After selling a bunch of these that were produced one-at-a-time on the laser, we turned to injection molding for mass production in 2009.

While one-of-a-kind products and designs were cool to create, they just weren't generating the revenue needed to let LazrArt grow fast enough for our tastes. We decided to let our customers drive our focus and turned from one-of-a-kind products to "stock" products.  We began offering a limited selection of products on eBay and Amazon, achieving top marks for our service.  Growth has exceeded our expectations and for that, we are grateful.

As laser technology advanced,  a new breed of lasers were created to engrave metal.  Whereas our previous "metal" products were anodized aluminum, adding a new metal-engraving laser in 2013 opened a whole new world of possibilities that we are still discovering.

And then came color! In 2021, LazrArt began offering Direct Color Printing. This powerful technology rivaled laser engraving in its quality, while accommodating color images.

We welcome your feedback, referrals and ideas - it's how we grow.

Jay Beller