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BAG-it Classic

Owners of LitterMaid automatic litter boxes tend to have a love-hate relationship with the product. While its great that the litter box cleans itself, it's not without problems.

One of the biggest pains is the emptying of waste. LitterMaid sells flimsy plastic receptacles to catch the waste and tells customers to throw it out when full and put in a clean one. It would be easy to spend over $100 per year replacing receptacles.

In 2007, LazrArt invented the BAG-it™ as a cost-saving alternative. This simple "ring" is custom sized to fit inside a LitterMaid receptacle and hold open any plastic bag, like the ones you get from the grocery store. Now, the waste goes into the bag and, when full, take out the bag and replace it with a new one. No more replacing receptacles. So, for a 1-time cost of $14.99, customers can save hundreds of dollars over the life of their litter box.

We introduced several companion products to further improve the LitterMaid experience. Most customers purchase the combination BAG-it and PERMA-lid, at a minimum.

The products offered here work with all Legacy LitterMaid models - not the newest 3rd Edition models.

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