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Military Commemorative Coins
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Military Commemorative Coins

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We supply the design for the front of these coins and you decide what to have engraved on the back - text, graphics, or both. Keep in mind that if combining both, the size of the graphic will be reduced.

ABOUT THE COIN FINISHES: The "shiny" finish is high reflective, like a mirror.  The "matte" finish has no reflective qualities. The "brush" and "antique" finishes are dull, slightly reflective finishes.

WHAT WORKS BEST? For photos or graphics with a lot of shades, choose a "matte" finish coin. Text and simple graphics work well on all the coins. Make sure images and photos are good quality and not too dark.

ABOUT THE  COINS: The coins are 39mm by 3mm (about  1.5 inches by 1/8 inch) and weigh about 1 ounce. They are plated metal alloy with a slight curvature to distinguish the front from the  back.  Edges are raised and smooth.

ABOUT THE  ENGRAVING: Our state-of-the-art laser will etch your design a fraction-of-an-inch into the metal. The design is flat on the surface, not  raised. The mark will be a rich brown color wherever your design is black.  Shades of gray will be shades of brown created with tiny little dots. The engraving is permanent.

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